TableRock - Views from the top

TableRock - IdahoWiFi - View from the Top Panorama

Scroll to the right -->> This is a panorama view from the top of our tower on table rock - our network "line of sight" coverage is up to 25 miles

Night light view - most of the lights visable are street lights, representing neighborhoods, business and shopping centers etc. If we can "see" their lights, they can "receive" our signal. Potential customers.

Day time downtown boise and BSU view

West and North panorama from CW Moore roof.

West / North panorama from CW Moore roof. Downtown and business district coverage

 East / South panorama CW Moore roof

South / West panorama CW Moore roof. Business and Downtown coverage.

Panorama from Federal way

Panorama from Federal Way roof top. Downtown Boise, BSU, east end business district. 180 degrees fromm Simplot hill to Micron.



GE grapic showing zone on coverage

IdahoWiFi Coverage Map 2014

GE graphic showing zones 1 & 2 coverage

IdahoWiFi Coverage Maps Zone 1 & Zone 2 2014


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